Who We Are

At The Spaceship Company, we may not be Virgin by name, but we are Virgin by nature!

As a Virgin Galactic company, we are proud to share the Virgin Group heritage and we value our position as an integral part of a remarkable story and a globally renowned brand.

Virgin companies across the world operate in many different sectors but are drawn together by a willingness to disrupt and challenge the status quo, motivated by a desire to create great businesses which drive positive and lasting change.

We strive to live and work guided by principles which have been at the very heart of what it means to be Virgin for more than 40 years. At their core is a genuine recognition that without happy, healthy, motivated and talented people– we are nothing. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, we put our people first, encouraging curiosity, openness and individuality, knowing that if we get that piece right, the other elements of business success are more likely to follow.

TSC and Virgin Galactic are in many ways, the twenty first century manifestation of everything that Virgin stands for and as such, flagship companies for the Group as a whole.

At our roots was our Founder, Richard Branson’s long held desire to experience space for himself and a belief that millions of others shared that dream. He also recognized the huge demand for affordable, safe and regular access to space, unsatisfied by legacy providers and technologies, presented an opportunity for private sector investment and innovation, and carried the potential to drive lasting, positive change.